What comes to your mind when you listen to this? Do you take it in as just a song or maybe you look into it as something else. Is it something completely different than anything you could possibly have ever imagined? Does it make you think of a girl/guy you like but are too scared to talk to? A friend you use to be close with but now you aren’t? Or maybe it brings out other emotions. Like excitement for the future. Excitement for those you have yet to meet. For the experiences you have yet to come across. Sometimes the most random things pop out of your brain at the slightest nudge from an outside influence. What do you do when this happens? Do you think about it? Do you ignore it? I couldn’t imagine going through life without having these in depth thoughts about humans and the way in which they think.

A song lyric came into my head today. I couldn’t escape from it; everywhere I went it followed me. The idea it shares with the world made me think a lot about how someone even comes up with a lyric like that. How in the history of the english language has no one thought to say such a quote that resinates within people so strongly until now? It’s incredible to think about.

We are the dreams of our parents lost in the future.

This lyric comes from Childish Gambino’s song Life: the biggest troll [andrew auernheimer]. This lyric is so strong because it belongs to everyone. Everyone can relate to it. Those who have yet to find their meaning of existence and those who have, both can see being lost in the future. Being lost in the future. . . There is something very chilling about that. It’s a terrifying thought, most people don’t like to even think about the future, yet think about being lost in it. Looking deeper within the words: “the dreams of our parents.” Every parent dreams that their child finds their specific path in the world. “We” as in our generation, as in those who see themselves but have yet to actually find themselves, are the dreams of those who love them (their parents). Parents are afraid of their child not finding themselves within the future. Except that’s not true. Who am I to say what people think about when they read or listen or think about this lyric. The meaning I receive from it could be completely different than what everyone else thinks. Or it could be the same. I think about things like this. I worry no one else does. I worry I am the only one who cares about stuff like this. What if I’m all alone?

I don’t know what the dream of my parents are other than them wanting me to find happiness. If I get lost on the way towards that, that’s fine. What’s the fun in getting to your location with out overcoming some type of challenge? This sorta doesn’t make the future seem as scary. Getting lost can just be seen as another way of being found.

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