Only One | Kanye West is Back

Def Jam Recordings Kanye McCartney

New Year’s Eve is a night I usually don’t care much about. I hate days in which people use as an excuse to go out and party. This cynical attitude isn’t because I didn’t have anyone to spend New Year’s Eve with, because that is not the case. I, like most, was at a party with my friends on New Year’s Eve. Doing the usual thing people do at parties. I don’t believe years changing over is very important; I hate how big a deal people make it. I especially hate New Year’s resolutions. Why choose to do it then? You have millions of opportunities to better yourself during the year why use a specific date as an excuse to make a landmark change to your life? Humans are dumb sometimes… Anyway, my ranting aside, this New Year’s Eve was special. Unless you live under a rock I think everyone knows what is coming next…

Yes, it was special because Kanye West dropped a new song. “Only One,” by Kanye West (ft. Sir Paul McCartney) is the song that was released and hopefully by now everyone has heard it. It is a deep soulful ballad of Kanye singing as if his late mother was speaking through him to his daughter North. The song is beautiful and Kanye’s autotune singing brings back memories of listening to his 4th studio album 808s & Heartbreak for the first time. Sir Paul rocking the keys only helps to make the song more powerful. How many people can say their favorite musical artist made a song with one of The Beatles? Kanye has said many times he loves to sing, and with the approval of the King of Pop, not many can doubt how beautiful his voice sounds in songs like “Only One” and the rest of the 808s album. The song itself has no rap but the lyrics are very strong and help to show a side of Kanye that many people try to deny exists. Kanye West loves his daughter, his mother, and his wife. He loves them more than he loves himself.

I’m writing this post not just to praise Kanye on an awesome new song that started 2015 off perfectly for me. I need to dispel some stupid rumors that are going around the internet. Since Kanye came out with this new song where he didn’t rap, people are trying to think he is going to make another album just like 808s & Heartbreak only this time because he is happy it will be called 808s & Happiness. I’m just gonna say it right now… if he makes an album titled 808s & Happiness I will never listen to another Kanye West song again. I will relinquish all feelings I have towards him and strictly listen to Drake music forever… Okay, maybe that is going a bit too far but seriously internet! Come on! We are smarter than this! Not only did “Only One” not have an 808 beat to it but Kanye has never been the type of artist to create an album like one he has previously made. It is ludicrous to think he would ever make such a cliche of an album. Kanye is aiming for the crown, but in his own way. He’s creating this new wave of rap and hip-hop unlike anyone has ever seen before. He knows he isn’t the lyricist that Kendrick is or the singer that Childish Gambino Drake is but that doesn’t matter to him. He knows he can bring the heat anytime he wants and he knows he already created the perfect album (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy). Now he wants to push the limits and revolutionize the game. He is going to be building off of Yeezus and almost creating his own genre of music. For this song, Kanye just wanted to create a beautiful song for his daughter that will serve as a reminder for North that she would have had a loving Grandmother. So just stop with this bullshit prediction internet. Enjoy the beauty that is Kanye’s love for his daughter and get ready for some serious fire when album number 7 drops.


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