Show and Tell | Check out Majid Jordan’s “Forever” Video

Screen-Shot-2015-01-19-at-4.06.50-PM-630x344You may have noticed that I’ve been long winded as of late. Things are good. That being said, why not introduce some good music to some potentially new people? A vast majority of you probably saw the title to this bad boy and instantly knew who Majid Jordan was. You know the basics, right? Black guy from Brooklyn, New York, fresh out of college and all of a sudden he links up with Jigga.

I’m joking… In all seriousness, Majid Jordan is a Canadian R&B/Pop group comprised of two dudes, names being Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman.  They signed to Drake’s OVO Sound label in 2011, their first release being an eight track EP titled Afterhours EP. Majid Jordan can best be described as R&B, but their sound isn’t necessarily as elegant as say the Frank Ocean track I threw up here the other day. These guys blend a modern day, almost gritty R&B with a clubbish, 80s feel to it. At least that’s how I interpret it. The first time I heard them was when a good majority of the public found out about them as well, whether they realize it or not. Hopefully the stars are aligning in your brain, because as soon as you click on this link, you’ll go “Ohhhhhh, those guys.” It’s actually funny that the song that’s linked (You had better click it already) ended up being a music video set in Miami. When I initially heard Majid Jordan and Drake sing “Hold on, We’re Going Home,” my first comment to a buddy of mine was “It sounds like the kind of music I used to ride around to when I played GTA Vice City.” Seriously though. Now you could obviously interpret that comparison negatively or positively, but I think we all know that both GTA Vice City and 80s R&B appeal to our guilty pleasures in some form or fashion. My apologies, I said I would make this short.

Jordan Ullman (Far Left), and Majid Al Maskati (Far Right), with fellow OVO running mate PARTYNEXTDOOR.

Anyway, I definitely dug the sound these guys had the first time I heard the Afterhours EP, and they followed their first release with another five track EP this past summer titled A Place Like This. This EP was definitely on steady rotation for me through the summer months, especially after some of the EDM I actually got to experience live as opposed to through my laptop speakers. The EP has a solid, cohesive vibe to it, and I like the new sounds these guys have developed. A Place Like This is a definite dance floor picker upper, and their latest video for the album’s first track “Forever” is pretty evident in demonstrating the EP’s rhythmic pace. The “Forever” video is the duo’s third video released for their latest EP, having previously released videos for the titled track “A Place Like This,” and “Her.”

In the “Forever” video, the young black man pictured above is documented slithering through the Toronto streets, and various other cultural landmarks and places throughout the city. As the music plays and the beat loops, the audience doesn’t see the duo of Majid Jordan at all, but truth be told it doesn’t matter. The dancer absolutely kills it, and there’s a lot of cool, aesthetically pleasing shots in the video, especially the church and the garden scenes. Don’t take my word for it though, because you can watch it yourself above. Enjoy, and if you like “Forever,” you’re bound to love the rest of their stuff. I’d expect them to be on Drizzy’s new project titled Views From the 6, especially since Mr. Graham himself has mentioned that OVO is slated to have a big year. Time will tell, but in the meantime, vibe out to some Majid Jordan.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 8.23.54 PM
Drake on “The Catch Up” letting the world know what OVO Sound has in store for what could potentially be a huge year for the Warner Bros. affiliate.

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