Movin’ On: A Retrospective Look at Penn State’s Free Spring Music Festival

My first Movin’ On was an event I had been looking forward to since I first found out about it in the beginning of the second semester. Music is very important to me, the energy that flows through the air during concerts and festivals is unmatched by almost anything. Movin’ On is incredible because it combines that feeling with my incredible love for Penn State. My experience this year did not fail in living up to my expectations. I have love for every act that performed, with an especially strong connection with the headliner Passion Pit. The day was extra exciting, because as a new initiated staff member, I was responsible for writing up posts on certain bands immediately following their show. This onsite journalism was something I had never done before and provided an interesting twist.

The best part of music festivals for me (besides the music itself of course) is the crowd. There are three qualities that go into a great show: musical performance, crowd atmosphere, and setting. The musical performance is fairly straightforward, the band or artist performing has to be good. Crowd atmosphere are the people you are standing with. Movin’ On was a very rowdy crowd and although I’m all about the fight to get close, at times people went a little overboard. I have been to large music festivals and the crowd always packs you in tight but never has someone working for the venue threatened to stop the festival if the crowd didn’t tone it down. A little ridiculous in my opinion but luckily the music made up for it.


 Mute Cities, the opener, absolutely killed it. I wrote a review of their performance so I won’t go into too much detail but they played with a mystique and confidence of a much older, bigger band. They rivaled New Politics honestly and may have been my third favorite act overall in the one day festival. I enjoyed the next ensuing bands all the same. Atmosphere brought OG swagger to the stage while New Politics kept the energy flowing. Big Gigantic brought down the hammer with their bass and had the crowd starting to get rowdy. At this time I was trying to fight my way back from writing my review on them. It took all of my concert experience in getting through crowds to make it back to my friends, who were somehow still holding down a rail spot on the right side of the stage. You always look for the open space and when there isn’t any just say, “I’m trying to get back to my girlfriend/boyfriend.” Usually works like a charm and it didn’t fail me this time. I made it back in time for Big Sean, and that’s when the party really started.


Sean Don came out to a storm. He went through a great set from songs off of albums new and old. I actually couldn’t hold back my exhilaration when he ran through his “Mercy” verse. One of the best verses he’s ever written, he came into it hard and honestly created a top three moment for me at Movin’ On. Big Sean also played his “Sanctified” verse, and anyone that knows me could tell you I was heartbroken when Mr. Kanye West’s verse wasn’t played. Alas, I moved on (no pun intended) and Big Sean closed with “I Don’t Fuck With You,” and the anticipation for Passion Pit, which had been building for five months, was now at its peak.


Seriously, Passion Pit is so special to me. They are one of my favorite bands of all time and their music has gone to a completely new level with the release of their new album. Passion Pit’s lead singer, Michael Angelakos, has upped his sound to include his current state of mind. Where in his latter albums he created songs stemming from his depression and bipolarity now with his life under control his happiness leaks out of every song. You can hear the difference in his voice. It really is an astonishing phenomenon. Passion Pit played songs off of all three of their albums. Whether is was “Make Light” and “Little Secrets” from Manners, “Cry Like a Ghost” and “Take a Walk” from Gossamer, or “Lifted Up (1985)” from their newest album Kindred. The whole set was perfect. The performance, the sound, the lights, everything was next level. Passion Pit is incredible and I hope everyone appreciated them.


I’ve been to a lot of concerts, it is one my favorite hobbies and passions. My love for music supersedes almost anything else in my life. Movin’ On is an incredible organization that does something very important for Penn State students. It shares the gift of music, which is honestly the most important thing in the whole world to me. The people I shared my first Movin On’ with (you know who you are) hopefully were able to tell how enthusiastic I was towards the event. To me it is one of the most vital things that go on at Penn State. I will work hard to share it’s importance and even harder to keep it going in the future. Already looking forward to next year.

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