Who We Are


Alex Bell is a 24 year old English teacher and freelance writer based out of Harlem. He graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania in the winter of 2013 with undergraduate degrees in English Literature and Special Education, and he will begin his graduate studies next fall in New York City. He obsesses over details that are sometimes often irrelevant, binge watches BoJack Horseman for hours at a time, and refuses to admit that Drake would exist had it not been for 808s and Heartbreak.

Welcome to the M O T I O N . . .
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Ben Rappaport is a 20 year old student at Penn State where he is currently double majoring in English and Journalism. He is originally from Massachusetts, so naturally he believes Tom Brady can walk on water. When he isn’t watching Boston sports Ben can be found petting dogs or listening extensively to Kanye West. He has been to a disgusting amount of concerts and loves traveling to new places. Ben loves music so much he has actually been revived from unconsciousness by Pusha T’s verse in the song “Mercy”.


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